Windows, Doors and Gates

British Woodwork can manufacture a wide range of different Window, Door and Gate types from bespoke mouldings to curved and arched shaped frames.

We can manufacture your Windows, Doors and Gates directly from architects drawings or we offer a free site survey service where we can attend site and measure the openings for new Windows, Doors and Gates or measure existing Windows, Doors and Gates to duplicate them. We have worked on several projects involving Grade 1 and 2 listed buildings where we have manufactured Windows, Doors and Gates to exactly match what was existing so as not to change the look and character of the building.

We manufacture all of our Windows, Doors and Gates using fully sustainable timbers which are all sourced from within the UK.

Hardwood: Oak , Sweet chestnut

Softwood: Douglas Fir , Larch , Scots Pine

If a client’s specifications require it then we can manufacture with alternative species of timber that we can source from fully certified timber suppliers with a full chain of custody so we are sure it has been farmed from sustainable forest areas.

We offer a full glazing service where we use a sub contracted glazing firm to measure the glass and either Install the glass at our workshop or alternatively attend site after the windows have been fitted and install them there. All works are fully guaranteed.