British Woodwork - Environment

British Woodwork is committed to providing an environmentally sustainable service. We source our timber from certified British sawmills who obtain their wood directly from sustainable British forestry sources.

If a specific order requires materials not available from British timber sources for example panel/board materials then we will only purchase from a certified sustainable source.

We also use a range of glues, wood treatments and finishes that are environmentally produced and are also very low in emission levels of harmful V.O.C’s for the installation area. There is increasing research knowledge on the detrimental effects of harmful V.O.C’s (Volatile organic compounds) found in many glues, paints, varnishes and other materials on sufferers of respiratory ailments such as asthma. British Woodwork believe in looking after the health of our customers and can supply our customers with full details of which glues, treatments and finishes we will use on their products.

All of our by products such as saw dust and offcuts are recycled and utilised , and we have a planned schedule to eventually run our complete energy usage from.

British Woodwork’s policy to specialise in British grown timber products allows us to support the British Forestry Industry, to improve our country side and our environment. It also reduces the cost to the wider environment from transporting timber from further afield.

We can supply our clients with full details of the origin of the timber used on their projects.